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By Delia Marshall  Wicked Local Somerville  Posted Feb 08, 2010 @ 06:55 PM  Somerville, MA — 
Speaking at the Brown School on Jan. 13, author Norah Dooley described her bumpy road to becoming a writer. As a child she shed tears over writing assignments and put them off for as long as possible. It wasn’t until she had children of her own that she found her writing voice. Each evening she would tell stories to her young daughters, who figured out they could delay bedtime if they asked a lot of questions. As she agreed to tell “one more story, please,” Dooley learned something about herself: “If I kept my mouth moving and telling a story, I could find all the words I needed for a beginning, a middle, and an end.” Dooley’s daughters wanted to hear about the older children living right on their block in Cambridge. “My kids loved the big kids on the block,” she said.  Her stories about those neighbor children and their families, who came from all over the globe, led to her book, “Everybody Cooks Rice.” This bestselling picture book has remained in print since 1991, and has been read by families the world over.

A professional storyteller who uses her face, her voice, and her body to bring her characters to life, Dooley treated the kindergartners to three folk tales. From Colombia came the story of “Conejito.” Dooley taught the children a song about this little rabbit’s aunt, “Tia Maria,” and they all sang it during the rabbit’s eventful journey. With voice and sign language she told the next tale, which began with a stonecutter chipping away at a mountain and wishing for something different. As his wishes are granted, one by one, he becomes a rich man, a king, the sun in the sky, a rain cloud, the wind, and then the mountain itself. With yet another wish he travels full circle. Dooley’s third tale was about the learning curve of a boy named Tony. It featured two donkeys, one magical and one not, and the difference magic can make to the state of a kitchen floor.

In talking about writing with grades 1, 2 and 3, the author encouraged students to ask questions, be curious, and “be a person who notices.” And she described some of the ways she gets her story ideas into written form, in spite of the gap between her mind and her fingers. “ You may think you’re not a good writer, but it’s just that your ideas are going so fast you can’t catch up with your own imagination.” ....more on line. 
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Somerville’s Brown Elementary School gets visit from author Norah Dooley

“I was not someone for whom writing comes easily,” said award-winning author and storyteller Norah Dooley during a visit at the Brown School on Jan. 13. Dooley told how curiosity about her own vibrant multicultural Cambridge neighborhood led her to write the book, “Everybody Cooks Rice.” Dooley’s other books include “Everybody Bakes Bread,” “Everybody Serves Soup,” and “Everybody Brings Noodles.”

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