A few original versions of Italian folktales...

Norah Dooley performs this Italian folktale also found in the Ancient Hindi text : The Panchantantra . A tale told all over the world. Pix from June 2001 performance for Revels.Inc. and a recording 2003.

Keeping the Wolves Away ©2007 by Norah Dooley

A Giufá tale from Italy

One day Mama needed Giufa to run an errand, She called and called him   Finally she found him throwing stale bread all around the outside of their house.

"Giufa! what are you doing," asked his mother.

"Mama. I am keeping the wolves away."

"Giufa! There are no wolves near our house."

"Exactly," said Giufa.

"Exactly what?"   asked Mama

"Exactly that!" said Giufa.   "Mama, its simple.""

"No Giufa, something is simple, but not this."

"Listen mama, do wolves like bread ?"

"Giufa, do you take me for a zucchini head? I know and you know perfectly well wolves do not like bread. They like meat."

"Exactly," said Giufa. "Wolves do not like bread but birds do "

What? You know birds have nothing to do with wolves!

"Exactly!" said Giufa. Continuing to throw handfuls of bread all around his house.

"When a wolf comes the birds will fly away all at once and we will be warned"

Mama shook her head . Just then their neighbor, Bepe passed by their house on the way to market.

"Giufa! What are you doing?" Bepe asked.

"He is keeping the wolves away."

"But there are no wolves around here," said Bepe.

"Exactly.” said mama.

And Giufa said, "See mama?  It works! "