Everybody Cooks Rice, Everybody bakes bread,

everybody serves soup, everybody Brings noodles


Everybody Bakes Bread

Grades K-4-In this rainy-day story Carrie is sent out into her multi-ethnic neighborhood to borrow a three-handled rolling pin. She has a fine time visiting the neighbors, eating seven kinds of bread, and finding enough friends for a kick ball game after the rain stops. She samples coconut bread from Barbados, chapatis from India, corn bread from South Carolina, pocket bread from Lebanon, challah from the Jewish "old country," pupusa from El Salvador, and braided bread from Italy. Recipes are included. Thornton's richly colored, softly realistic illustrations show the diversity of age and nationality, lifestyles, and staple foods of this friendly neighborhood.


American Library Association "Pick of the List"

Everybody Cooks RiceGrades K-4-- Carrie travels from one house to another, looking for her brother at dinnertime. Each family invites her in for a taste of what they are cooking; thus, she samples the ethnic diversity of her neighborhood through the rice dishes they prepare. At home, her own Italian family is indulging in risi e bisi . All the recipes are included at the end of the book. Thornton's illustrations have that flat, depth less look of primitive art. Colors are strong and brilliant primaries with very little black shading. The geometric forms displayed in the multi hued houses of the street are especially nice. Yes, everybody cooks rice, and everybody eats rice--these commonalities do bring us together, a lesson worth repeating again and again. --Booklist

"Nifty neighborhood- nifty book"- NY Times Review of Books MAR, 1991

Listed in The New York Times Parent's Guide to the Best Books for Children Three Rivers Press (CA); 3rd Rev & Up edition, NOV, 2000



Illustrations by Peter J.Thornton

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